About me

Essi Frydenlund. Born 1954 in Oslo. Grew up in Bodø and Oslo. Married, one daughter. Educated and specialized as nurse in the operational theatre with more than 30 years of experience from Norwegian health care. Has a dynamic and problem solving personality. Fallen out of work after a serious accident in 2004.

Now building up a new occupational platform as a photographer. Inspired by Morten Krogvold, Dag Thorenfeldt, Herdis Marie Siegert, Arno Minkkinen and Joyce Tenneson among many others. 2007 ”Portrait in landscape” The image to the right was my entrance into the world of photography.In my work, I search to combine lines and relations in nature and cultures.

  • Essi Frydenlund, Holmenkollveien 69B N-0784 Oslo, Norway
  • ESSI FRYDENLUND Organizational number: NO 992 725 362
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